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  • Skrrt skrrt leaving my trace ♡

  • Seeing lyrics in Romanian is so satisfying and weird at the same time

  • buna da k4sın str34m gençler

  • Bu şaheseri dinlemek bir onurdur benim için

  • Miğdem bulanıyor... Offf

  • Jackson Wang is so handsome 😍 Btw, nice song

  • Here....

  • Burdayım Here

  • < 3

  • Jb please update channel youtube

  • Last stop... Last Piece

  • GOT7 is the 1st KPOP group to chart on the Artist 100 on Billboard. GOT7 is the 1st KPOP group to have their debut album chart #1 on Billboard GOT7 is the only JYP group to have ever been nominated for a Billboard Music Award GOT7 was the first group to win Soompi’s Twitter Best Fandom Award for 3 years straight. GOT7 is the best selling KPOP group to debut in 2014 with over 3.1million+ album sales and counting. GOT7 was the first Kpop group to hold a sold out concert in Russia GOT7 is the 1st group since Big Bang to win MTV EMA’s Worldwide Act Award GOT7 is the 1st KPOP group to hold a concert at the Barclays Center in New York GOT7 is the 1st JYP boy group to hold a stadium show AT ALL GOT7 is the only group to have ever held 7 sold out concerts in 4 days in Thailand GOT7 is the 1st JYP group to surpass 300k Album sales on Hanteo GOT7 is the 2nd group to ever hold a stadium show outside of South Korea or Japan GOT7 is the first KPOP group to ever surpass 1 Billion Hearts during a Live GOT7 is the 1st KPOP group to have a 4 city tour in Thailand GOT7 achieve over 300k+ album sales with every single comeback they’ve had since 2017 GOT7 have had sold out concerts across the world since 2016 This is only 1/10th of their international, domestic and incredible success as a group in 5 years. There is a lot of people on here seemingly that want to discredit and defame their hardworking for absolutely no reason other than that they hate them. No matter what people want to tell you they are steady, successful, continuing to gain fans and grow as a group. Just because they are not as fast growing as your group, chart on Melon like your group or have South Korean domestic popularity does not mean they are not successful, happy with their international success, hard working and incredible performers. Anyone who tries to discredit their achievements and work are ridiculous. (copied from a fellow ONE of IGOT7 ahgase)

    • They are standard. I hope people realize that

  • i think i might be joining this fandom 👉👈 tehe

    • ik

    • @L C if you really want to stan them then start with watching Got7 reality shows like real Got7 it will help you a lot :)

    • and its scary ive been there

    • but like i already know what i just want to know their names does to ones self

    • Yes you should ^^

  • Party skrrt skrrt


  • Müq

  • Bu yumurta kırmışım uf uff

  • 33,588

  • GOT7 cantando cura onde dói, sou completamente apaixonada

  • Of reklamda Eti tutku çıkti Canım çekti yaw

  • Anyone else notice that Youngjae isn't shown till at like 3:00 WTTTF THE DISRESPECT MY GOD!!!

    • We don't feel like that. Aside from facts that he had injury that time, the meaning behind this is beautiful :) Youngjae is the last member to complete got7. And In this mv, u can see when youngjae show up the group is complete. So, we can say..1 of the meaning for this song is *youngjae is the last piece that complete the circle of got7* Forgive me if I said anything wrong :)

    • He had a neck injury. That's why he didn't show up until the last scene.

  • you're the missing last piece~

  • Yes im still here.. Never let u go coz u are my last breath

  • Attendance check! >who's still streaming this together with 'ENCORE' and their other songs? +remember to drop good comments

    • Yes! Fighting!

  • Eyy goodmorning

  • Keep spinning guyss..


  • Good Morning......Happy Thursday ~~

  • Here :)

  • Double B


  • Love

  • Come here igot7

  • With you

  • Hereeeeeeee

  • GOT7 = my Last piece

  • I'm new but can someone please explain the BOL station? Why are they alway there? Is there something I'm missing?

    • @mo momo oh I just watched the SK video again and I was mistaken.

    • @Mika about skz I really dont know ...

    • @mo momo oh that makes sense. I think i've seen in a Stray Kids video as well.

    • There are some theories but this mv is the sequence of Breath, and some say it has something to do with albuns name “Breath of Love: Last Piece” = BOL! Idk if I explained well

  • here ^^

  • Here

  • Here

  • Mark: so where you at? Me: I'm still here.

  • Here I go again I feel like a zombie

  • February 25, 2021 Thursday. I'm here. 💚

  • Iubesc această muzică 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • You're the most important piece

  • For you....


  • landing here safely again and again ;))

  • ~keep spinning & votng fam

  • *i don't know what*

  • 33.565

  • I'm not an Asian ahgase anymore, always comin at late nigt, where I should sleep instead ~~~~

  • I'm mesmerized by their charm.... The more I watch them the more I become addicted... It's still like yesterday I started to stan them I know I made the right decision....

  • Love this masterpiece!

  • Mis GOT7 XIempre son un Grandes

  • Good night chingus ^_^ Vote on mubeat♡ Love my boys and y'll ♡♡

  • I bring my friend here with me >~< going round and round

    • @Sandra If only, but she alr fall in love with her ult group alr, so ~~

    • I bet ur friend will become ahgase

  • 33,555,888

  • Let’s work toward 35 million! We can do it.

  • Hey guys keep stream encore! Now they get more promotion we can't use excuse they don't get promotion! Warner music around the world promotion them well so let's make this mv memorable!

  • Breath of love ^^

  • Bu hes4pla hiç y3rum yapmamışım :/ Of 2ngel yediğim için gelemiyom.. oooooffff

  • Need your brath of love

  • Izlediğim şu rklmların süresini toplasam 5 sezon dizi çıkar

  • You're not alone !

  • At the end I'm someone who is doing her best even though many bad things happen to me because I always think that "you have got7" so everything will be okay... you have way to go...!!!

  • Keep spin guys

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • this song is my safe place

  • Oops I clicked here thinking it was Breath. Now I broke the rule of the 10 minutes :\

    • @GOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest ways XD you’re right, I’ll have into account the next time I do a mistake :)

    • I also follow the rules but the 1st & most important rule for me is to spin like a human & not a bot. So it's okay to make mistakes or follow your heart once in a while :) Whoa..why does it sound so deep? xD lol

    • Shhhh, don't tell anyone ~~

  • ~♡~

  • Studying. Spinning/solos too(whenever i get time). Voting. Trending. Commenting(sometimes but after exams i'll loud again :p). Ok byee for now ......

  • you know what

  • Perfeito

  • spinning til this reaches 100M.

  • Keep spinning LAST PIECE AND ENCORE

  • :)

  • Each song of Got7 deserves 500 Million to 1 Billion views because their songs are really catchy especially "You Are".

  • I made a mistake, Got7 did not really disband! I'm really sorry! I hope they will become literally the next biggest boyband after Bts.

  • here again

  • Here ^___^

  • Need your breath of love

  • GOT7

  • With encore str23m this masterpiece too breath is 39m now

  • Vote for GOT7 on mubeat ahgases:)) Let's get it baby Birdies!!:)


  • and here i am back again

  • Looking back to last piece/breath to encore, we surely did went through a lot of emotions.

    • @Emily it is!!

    • Roller-coaster that was, roller-coaster

  • Last Piece dediklerinde yaptıkları o el hareketi çok güzel bana küçüklüğümü hatırlatıyor

  • Ara sıra geliyorum dinliyorum ama o görüntüleme,like,yorum sayısı beni çok rahatsız ediyor bunları hak etmiyorsunuz GOT7

  • not feeling well :(


  • *the fact that encore will gonna beat the likes of last piece’s music video! encore have 1.1M Likes while Last Piece have 1.2M!! also, it’ll gonna be their fastest music video to reach that milestone! The Power of Aghases!!!! 🔥💚* #OT7FOREVER #GOT7 #AGHASES #UNITE

    • pls not 3moj1s

  • with you

  • rest ur weary heart ...

  • got7 kings

  • Love

  • I dont skip ads on GOT7's channel. But here... LOL.